Sirocco Dry Skin (Cleansing)

Sirocco Dry Skin (Cleansing)

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Can be used with the Deep Moisturising steam facial. With their hydration-boosting and skin-radiant properties. a Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Geranium essential oils steam facial blend helps prevent acne breakouts. Specially formulated for dry skin. Use twice a week and follow with an essential oil moisturiser for the perfect balance.  Always read the "need to know" box before selecting.



    Steam facials promote better circulation, open pores and helps loosen any build-up of dirt for a deeper clean. This oil will provide approximately 13 applications depending on how much you choose to use per application - that works out at around 60 per application, so it is excellent value for money.


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    Essential Oils are blended specifically for you and therefore sometimes you may need to have an alternative combination of oil to ensure your safety, as some essential oils should not be used with certain medical conditions (see medical disclaimer on the home page).  Please check the notes below to see if you need an alternative combination of oils.

    Please note that as with any facial, your skin may get slightly worse before getting better as the toxins are being released from your skin.

    This blend does not need to be altered.