Aromatherapy Infinity Love Bracelet & Romance Diffuser Oil

Aromatherapy Infinity Love Bracelet & Romance Diffuser Oil

This aromatherapy bracelet will allow you to wear your favourite essential oil or one of our special blends wherever you go while also experiencing the positive health benefits it provides.

Each face contains a tiny piece of pad which holds a few drops of oil that slowly diffuses through the ventilation holes on the front. The scent of your oil can last for several days, but you can always top up more oil to the pad after the oil has completely diffused.


    A lovely present for your partner in crime ;)

    Double set - infinity bracelet & diffuser oil.

    The diffuser oil comprises: 

    Jasmine - the most expensive of the essential oils, considered the oil of "sexual purity and balance" 

    Rose - another expensive essential oil, symbolic of "divine love" 

    Ylang Ylang - said to influence sexual energy & enhance relationships 

    Vetiver - considered an aphrodisiac, said to increase libido & feelings of sexual desire.

    10ml bottle contains 200 drops of oil. 

    This diffuser oil can also be used in a water diffuser and/or in a wax/melt burner.


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