Comprehensive A-Z of Essential Oils

Comprehensive A-Z of Essential Oils

You've seen posts on individual oils... well this is the spreadsheet that pulls it all together as a whole! 

A comprehesive guide to 60 plus of the most popular essential oils, herbal oils, carrier oils, blending information, chemistry and hazardous oils with common definitions included. 

Information contains botanical names, shelf lifes, notes, what they blend well with, quality control, safety information, where they're grown, appearance, properties plus a host of therapeutic uses. 



    This spreadsheet comes in the form of a protected workbook.  Please contact us if you need it re-formatted to suit your version of excel and we will do our best to help. 

    The information in this workbook is password protected and copywrited to prevent it being overwritten or sold on under someone else's name.   It remains the intellectual property of Aromaoils.