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Winter Wellness

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

I don't know about you but for me it's coming up to that time of year again. Christmas is nearly upon us. I know the family will eat until they bust, and after the lull of Christmas week, the New Year beckons. The nights are now drawing in and everything is starting to glisten with a covering of frost. We won't mention the "s" word as I hate having to go out in it! Have you had your first winter cold yet? Or chapped lips? Or freezing breath & cold fingers? Or the shivers? Have you pulled out the scarf and hat yet too? Has the duvet or blanket come out in the living room yet as you cwtch down to watch TV? (Yes, I am Welsh, we cwtch!)

Soon, Christmas adverts will be replaced with a round up of what happened in 2020, there'll probably be no widespread partying this year because of COVID-19 and all we think we can look forward to are cold, dark winter nights, bare after the Christmas sparkles and twinkles, and on top of that, more potential lockdowns until a vaccine is widely available. It's a great birthday to look forward to for me at the end of January, isn't it? Except it will be a good birthday because I know if nothing else, I can look after my winter wellness. Have you thought about protecting your immune system yet? Or is this something for "when I feel under the weather?" (at which point it's too late by the way) I'm just pleased that if I can look after my own winter wellness, I am confident that I can also look after yours, wherever you are in the thought process!

Mental health has never been so important, and who needs a bad chest with this virus still floating around? I'll be going into more detail later on about anti-viral oils and how they work, so don't forget to sign up to the newsletter, as this will be one not to miss!

So what exactly are the benefits of Aromatherapy and what can I do to support you, especially if you are too far away to come in person to clinic or you're hesitant about going out with the virus still about?

Well, firstly, Aromatherapy can support you in all of these areas:

  • in managing pain.

  • in improving sleep quality.

  • in reducing stress, agitation, and anxiety.

  • in soothing sore joints.

  • in treating headaches and migraines.

  • in alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy.

  • in easing the discomforts of pregnancy and birth.

  • in fighting bacteria, viruses, or fungi.

  • in boosting immunity.

  • in improving digestion.

  • in bolstering women's wellness.

  • in managing common childhood ailments.

If you think about it, how were people treated before medicines, big pharma companies and chemists were invented?

Did you know, for example, that people during the Black Death burnt bundles of, and carried posies of, Lavender, Cedar and Cypress? This was their only defence against the disease. But they weren't kidding - all these contain powerful antiseptic agents that undoubtedly saved thousands of lives!

So what if you live too far away to come to the clinic in person or are worried about going out with COVID-19 hanging around? Well you do have other options:

1. Book an online consultation using a platform such as Messenger video, Zoom or Skype or if you prefer or

2. Telephone, message or WhatsApp and talk to me directly. What is it that you need help with?

In an impersonal world, it's good to know that someone will always be on the other end of a phone or a message or a video call. My personal Room 101 items are all those automated telephone menus. I hate them! You may have to wait an hour or so for a reply if I'm with a client but I guarantee you'll never get "Press 1 for..." at AromaOils! I also nearly fainted by the way, when I saw on an American Aromatherapy website today that they charged $100 dollars a time for a consultation... That's about £76 in English money! Breathe...

And if you're still a bit hesitant because it's all very new to you, have a look at the frequently asked questions and answers too relating to a consultation, plus the case study of someone who has already asked for help, and had his need successfully met. They can all be found on the drop down menu on the home page.

If you've ever used them, then you'll already know that essential oils are magical things. They're the "something" that gives a plant its smell. You're probably already using Aromatherapy without even realising it. Ever bought flowers? Or perfume? or candles? Or a room spray or scented plug in? Do you open bottles and smell things before you buy them? Yes? Then you are using scent - "aroma" to help improve your mood, change how you feel and improve the world directly around you -"therapy".

So why not try it if you haven't already? You may be surprised with the results!

Love Jan x ♥

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