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When you have a long time to wait...

This week has pretty much been a straight split between work and family. Charlie was poorly but his (negative) COVID-19 test didn't come back in time for him to go to nursery on Wednesday. Granny to the rescue as mummy had a couple of important meetings in work & couldn't take another day off. That's one of the perks of working for yourself; you have the flexibility to help out if you need it. And who wouldn't want to spend the day with a whirlwind who melts you with the words like "oh ho", "pwease?" and "Zorro... tweaties?" Zorro by the way, after running away from Charlie for the past 6 months, has now discovered he gets about 5 days' worth of "treaties" in one go, if he sticks close to him! Granny, on the other hand, has to lie down, as you can probably see from the carnage that is my living room below! (Queue getting another telling off from the daughter for using his picture without asking permission haha).

And then there was a full-day hospital visit (not mine). I ended up slightly radioactive, so I've been hoping my super power will appear but so far, apparently the only super power I have consistently, is always being right. So much so, the other half has christened me, "Mrs. Right, first name Always!" ... go figure...

But when you're sat in a hospital for five hours, an opportunity presents itself. You can take yourself off social media and go back to pen and paper and do some old-fashioned, uninterrupted planning. So armed with my new notepad and my old "To Do" book, I set about going through every page. pulling out all the things I'd intended to do when I started the business but that had somehow, gotten lost in the process and which had therefore fallen off the list. And I do love a good list!

Two pages later, I had also added in the things that I am currently working on. Now a two-page list can make you a bit swamped so I went back to my old teaching days and split them up into four separate categories as the next step. Category 1: High Importance/Urgent (this is your "do now" list). Category 2: High Importance/Not Urgent (this is your "schedule some time for this" list). Category 3: Low Importance/Urgent (this is your "delegate if possible" list) and finally Category 4: Low Importance/Not Urgent (This is your "Don't do yet" list).

There that makes things a little easier; however, Categories 1 & 2 also need sorting into something of a sub-priority list as you need to decide what to do or schedule first. And this is where deadlines are handy. Our flyers have to be delivered by mid July & we have to deliver approximately 143 per day to do this, as we have 2,000 flyers to send out into the universe and the offer on them ends at the end of the month. I also have an appointment about my accounts on Tuesday, so I have to sit down and get these as up-to-date as possible by then. Things are starting to come together in terms of what I do first, next (if you see what I mean!)

So by the end of the five hours, I'd actually achieved quite a lot. I had a workable plan and this, I think, is absolutely essential if you ever actually want to get anything done. At this point I'd polish my halo, but I'm rather worried that it'd slip down and choke me...


Of course, some of the things on my list will need breaking down into specific tasks & because I haven't yet done this, naturally they've been left, and this is probably why, after a while, they've slipped off the list. I've also invested in some actual, paid-for advertising this month, so it will be really interesting to see what this generates for the business.

My radioactivity also won't disappear until tomorrow so there's still time.... While I wait, I'm going to put work down for today and go and watch Salvation on Netflix. We've just started series 2 and if you've never seen it, it's quite gripping. Great twists in the plotline & deffo worth a dip into. It's a really short watch compared to Suits (9 series) but we have Loki lined up next... Disney is about all I'm allowed to watch these days as apparently I rant too much otherwise and if anyone has seen my posts about Pointless having a square trophy (with pointed edges) then you'll know what I mean...

Stay safe

Jan x

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