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What is the seventh chakra?

Unlike the other six chakras, the seventh chakra is not a wheel; it’s a ring of energy, sitting almost like a monarch’s crown, on top of the head.

A lotus of 1,000 petals, the corresponding colour to this chakra is violet, and it moves in a clockwise direction.

The seventh chakra is all about your inner sight, your inner knowing, and about self-awareness and realisation. Located at the top of the head, its Sanskrit name is Sahasrara, which means thousandfold.

Often commonly known as the crown or coronal chakra, the seventh chakra is home to our spirituality, and our connection with the divine. It symbolises the unlimited nature of our thought processes.

This chakra is thought to be the portal through which the energy that is the human life force enters the body. From the seventh chakra, this energy filters down through every other part of the body and through each of the other chakras.

This chakra therefore sets the tone for all your other chakras.

The strength and vitality of this energy in a person reflects their level of personal development.

Developed to its full potential, the energy of the seventh chakra brings the highest level of consciousness, and is an indication that a person has mastered the challenges of all the other chakras.

Many healers and mystics believe that humankind, as part of the evolutionary process, is moving towards an ever-larger number of people who are fully developing this chakra.

When the majority of people have developed the crown chakra, it is expected that humanity will take a great step forward. Away from the needs and conflicts of the lower chakras, towards a more spiritually orientated existence (we are still thought to be in the third chakra remember, as a world).

Any imbalance in this chakra may present itself as mental instability, as an excess of this energy can result in manic or even psychotic behaviour.

Without self-awareness and balance, excess energy in the seventh chakra can also express itself as a drive to collect possessions and material wealth, and to build a sense of personal power. If there is foreign energy in your seventh chakra, you may be uncomfortable presenting yourself fully to the world, hiding certain aspects of your personality from view.

Depleted energy in this chakra may generate feelings of despondency and depression, with the person having little drive or energy to make choices and take direction in their lives.

This leads them to follow someone else's directions without thinking or challenging them, as this becomes the easiest option. Eventually, this can lead to a feeling of a complete lack of any sense of personal power.

This is unsurprising when you note that the seventh chakra corresponds to the pineal gland. Glands produce hormones that act as chemical messengers that stimulate a physical response in the body.

The pineal is a tiny gland located in deep in the centre of the brain and is responsible for producting melatonin. If you have been following any of my posts on sleep on my ReJuvenate with Jan page, you'll know that melatonin is responsible for your sleep patterns, and your "sunny" disposition.

As little was known about this gland for centuries, it was thought that this is the place from where the Soul starts its journey in the Human Body for the ultimate Salvation. It is therefore very much linked to the opening of the Third Eye.

Balance in this chakra leads to what has been described by yoga experts as a blissful and estatic state of being. It's the final stage of evolution in the human body, and it brings with it a sense of inner peace. When this chakra is in balance, you can access your inate wisdom, and understand and be aware of your connection with all other living things.

In this state, we are able to recognise within ourselves any patterns of thoughts and behaviours that are not quite right (dysfunctional certainly), and release them effortlessly from our mind.

Sounds well, heavenly.. doesn't it?

Stay safe, as always

Jan xx

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