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What happens when I book a facial?

If you've never had a facial, this is quite a daunting thing. It's your face afterall, the one thing you definitely don't want anything to go wrong with! This blog post is therefore designed to address some of your potential concerns and put your mind at rest.

I've already completed a whole section on #skin including covering the ideal facial routine on my ReJuvenate with Jan page on Facebook, so if you'd like to look at these posts in more detail, just search for them under the hashtag. You don't need to sign up to access these; they're completely free on the page.

The first thing that happens when you come for a facial is that you'll be asked to take off your top and tuck your bra straps under your armpits if you're a lady and you're wearing one (yes, men can have facials too!) There is a changing area at clinic, and robes and towels are available to use for this. Apart from taking off your shoes, there is no requirement to undress further. The reason for exposing the very top of the chest is because all the products are used on these areas as well to ensure maximum glow.

You are then covered with a warm, fluffy blanket and a towel is tucked under the top of the blanket and folded over to catch any products as they are applied. A headband is placed around your hair to keep it off your face, and pillows are also available for resting your head on, as we want you to be as comfortable as possible during your treatment.

Sorry, I can't help it but every time I look at this picture, I see a set of large ears 🤦😂 But I digress...

Next, any makeup you are wearing will be removed with a surface cleanse. It's better not to wear makeup to the appointment, but it can be taken off with a cleanser or a specialist Aromatherapy blend if are wearing any. You'll need to let your therapist know if you are wearing false eyelashes before you begin your treatment, as these will need to be avoided if the therapist is using Aromatherapy oils.

Next comes the skin analysis. You'll be asked what you skin is like first thing in the morning before you start your daily routine. From this, products will be chosen to suit your skin type. You'll have a deep cleanse after your analysis is complete, followed by the application of a toner.

Depending on which facial you have, some of these steps will be included or missed out. I'm going to list them all though, so you know what a full facial will include.

If you're asthmatic or claustrophobic, you may wish to skip the facial steam. Please let your therapist know. For this, warm steam is bounced off your covered chest area onto your face, and this lasts for approximately 10 minutes. Then, an exfoliator is applied to remove any dead skin cells and buff the face. If you're having the luxury treatment, warm cloths or mitts are then applied and are used to wash off any cream. After more toner, you will likely need some blackhead or whitehead removal, and this is perfectly normal. This can be a little painful or uncomfortable though, so please be prepared for this.

Then comes the really relaxing part, the facial massage. This will include a mini massage across the top of the chest, back of the shoulders & neck, and up the front of the neck as well.

A face mask is then applied and left on for approximately 10 minutes while you relax. Again, if you're having the luxury facial, this is removed with more warm cloths or mitts. Toner is reapplied and an eye cream completes the treatment.

The final stage is to apply a moisturiser, and you will be left to completely relax for a few minutes before getting dressed again.

It is important to note however, that when a facial has been completed, there is always the off chance that you may have a break out on your skin, because all the toxins etc. have been pulled up from the bottom of your pores. I therefore recommend if you are going out anywhere, to book your facial at least a week before your event.

The massage described above takes approximately one hour to complete. You can, of course, opt for an express facial (20 mins) if you are time-limited, or you can book an extraction-only facial (where the blackheads and whiteheads are removed). So, you are always in control of your treatments.

I'll just leave you with this thought. You wouldn't think twice about getting an MOT on your car, or a service, so you should really be thinking about your own body in the same way. Remember, self-care is not selfish; you cannot serve from am empty cup. And to steal a phrase, you are definitely worth it!

As always, stay safe

Jan x

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