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Video Victory

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

This week I have been delving into the murky depths of vidoeing. Something fairly simple, not too long I thought. I know, we'll look at the humble tealight, as they always get a bit of a secondary role in the wax world.

Did you know that they are literally named after their original use? If you've seen the full video I posted, you should have noticed that originally these small bundles of joy were used to keep the tea warm during a Japanese tea ceremony.

Our scented tealights are the hidden gem in our collection. They really complement our wax melts so I thought it may be useful to give everyone some idea of how to use them when putting scent combinations together, this way people will be more confident buying them because they will know what to pair them with. It's only really when you see them close up to a "bog standard" tealight from any discount shop, that you actually realise how deep they are in comparison.

Now, those of you who know my husband, will know that he isn't terribly technology-minded and when I asked him to video me, it was a case of, "Well I'll try but don't expect it to be Oscar standard".

And to be fair, he did a good job considering he had only had my phone to record on. I thought a bit about what I wanted to say, but didn't really have a script so it could so easily have gone horribly wrong. I had visions of having my head cut off (no comments from the back please!) and we'd have had to re-do the video which I'd then stuff up & have to re-do again, but thankfully we managed it in one take. I'd call that a win. I didn't want to pitch it as a hard sell - I don't like those videos - instead I tried to make it informative as "not too much teacher-talk" has been firmly branded on my brain over the years! Everyone tells me they think I did quite well so I am happy with this, but if you have any suggestions about how to improve or any suggestions about what you'd like to see showcased in future, please do drop us a note.

Right I thought, next thing, be brave and upload it to social media. Facebook and Twitter behaved. So far so good. Google is another beast entirely though! Went to upload it, message: you can only upload one minute of video. Crap, I thought. Now I'll have to try and edit it. Okay, this is definitely not my area of expertise, be warned people, there could be some swearing involved!

First things first, do a search for free, easy to use (ha!) video editing software. Okay. Downloaded. Now to send the mp4 file from my phone to my laptop. Think...Ah ha! Messenger! Saved the video on my laptop, then lost it. Not where I saved it. Bugger.

Did a bit of detective work in the search bar and finally found the mp4 file I needed. Opened the software, tried to import the video, wouldn't work - I can neither confirm nor deny whether a few swear words were uttered at this point. Eventually, under threat of being thrown out of the window, the software cooperated and I finally managed to import the correct MP4 file. Now what?

How do you get the file across from the little thumb nail to the big window? Wouldn't drag and drop. Wouldn't do anything. Hmmm.... What's this? Add to timeline...hmmm... (again) what does that do? That actually does a lot. I just couldn''t work the bloody thing ....Back to Google and a "how to do I crop and edit?" search. This gave me several options. Okay, back to reading...

After much button pressing, I got the file to sit on the timeline. Strike 1. Now to find out how to edit it. What on earth do I do with the track boxes? Thank goodness for Dr. Google! Okay, got the edges cropped where I thought there was a natural enough break. Played video. Damn, there's still this great black gap before the video starts. How how do I get rid of that? The video is still too long. Back to Google and the demo. Which is all very nice but they go way too fast for you to follow.

So, after more button pressing it turns out that it was all very simple. You just drag the damn thing to the left! Now why couldn't someone have said that in the tutorial? I mean look at it, if you've never used the software, where do you start? You need a physics degree... or my son.. whichever happens to be closest.

Anyway I managed to save and export my cropped video, and I didn't have to call the tech geek from upstairs (ie my son). Made sure this time I could find it (!) and I uploaded it to Google. Success....

So having got this far, I thought, right now I'll upload it to my website as well... and there it is... if you click on the mixed tealights... the video appears just like magic.

I am now feeling extremely geeky and ready to do the next one.... Thank you video fairy!

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