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The importance of giving...

Did you know that last Monday was self-injury awareness day? It's also known as self-harm awareness day. March 1st. St. David's Day in Wales.

Lots of daffodils, dragons and leeks about but maybe you've also seen people wearing their orange ribbons in support of it too when we were all out and about before the pandemic. People also sometimes wear a "love" or butterfly bracelet, in support of the butterfly project. In any case, the day is designed to encourage people to be more open about their own experiences and raise awareness about self-harm and self-injury. The goal is to breakdown the common stereotypes surrounding self-harm and to educate medical professionals about the condition.

This year, to celebrate self-harm awareness day and in honour of our patron saint, I am so pleased to tell you that AromaOils has offered to collaborate on a project with a "not for profit" mental health charity, based in Cardiff, called Fewsion Collective (pronounced fusion).

The charity uses art, music and fashion to help people relate, find comfort or get the courage to talk or ask for help with their mental health needs if needed. It's a brilliant charity that seeks to eliminate the stigma about mental health and encourage people to heal through activities and talk. I was so inspired, I even did my own introductory version of AromaOils for them as gwaarn JJ Jan! You can find it on our Facebook page and the AromaOils Twitter feed, if you really want to take a look :)

Now unlike St. David, I can't perform miracles but what I can do is provide some support for people who are struggling and who otherwise wouldn't be able to access this support. Mental health is going to be huge this year with lockdowns and COVID-19 still hanging around, so the more I can do, the happier I'll be. And although it also fits really well with my corporate and social responsibility, which will keep my business adviser happy, for me it's also morally the right thing to do too! I only wish that I could give all of my oils to everyone for free but sadly this isn't possible.

You see, aromatherapy is all about bringing balance back to the body. So if your pain, hormone or immune etc. is in overdrive, essentials oils will calm everything down and reset whatever is out of kilter in your systems. You can't overdose on it, as the body will just remove what it doesn't need. I'm sure by now you all know that the oils are vegan-friendly, completely natural and are plant-based, so there are no side-effects to worry about.* And over the next couple of weeks, this is what I intend to help with at Fewsion - to bring back some grounding balance. Community is important and giving back into that community is something we think is important at AromaOils.

You may not find a recommendation to use aromatherapy on any official medical website (like the NHS) when you search for information about mental health, but used properly, it's one of the very best ways to support this need. There are just so many oils to choose from....Bergamot, Lavender, Frankincense, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood.... Such beautiful oils to choose from.

So, watch this space... I am sure that as the project develops, there'll be lots to report....

*Always consult a professional though before using them at home, as they have the specialist knowledge to ensure you use the correct oils in the correct quantities, and in the correct way!

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