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Sugar and spice and all things nice...

I was hoping to have a guest blogger for you this week but time has gotten away from us all yet again.

This week has, as usual, been a busy one. I finally got Facebook to play nicely - there is a God! - and our ad for the competition is now up and running. More people are feeling confident about booking our massage services and it was lovely to catch up with everyone face-to-face. The pandemic has been hard on everyone and I don't know about you, but I think it's the human touch we've missed more than anything this past year, so it's nice to be able to give something back in the form of a substantial well-being prize.

This week we got around to putting a table in my old office so that I now have somewhere to work too. I'm sat here looking at my every growing to-do list, as I munch my way through a bag of midget gems gifted by the daughter yesterday. Jelly sweets are my favourite. So much so, that I will happily open a packet of jelly squares (for making wobbly jelly) and eat them before they get anywhere near the boiling water!

As I'm typing, I'm also looking at my shelving rack. Gummi bears and jelly sweets aren't the only yummy thing I've been looking at this week. Calendar scheduling has had me planning a pamper hamper set. This is where I make a few samples for clients to try and we all then get together (online) to open the rest of the hamper & discuss them. I just don't see the point of paying a fortune for products that cost a few pounds to make just because they have a well-known brand on them, when I can produce exactly the same thing using essential oils for a fraction of that cost. Especially when they can be tailored specifically for my client's skin.

Some of the things I am looking at on my shelf include Manuka honey, vanilla, something chocolaty, cocoa butter and a Marshmallow infusion. If you've been reading all about skin (our topic this month) on my ReJuvenate with Jan page, you'll know I recommend double cleansing your face. It should be no surprise therefore that one of the things I am looking to make is a cleansing oil. From creams, lotions, balms, scrubs, serums, steamers, and mini bath melts (do not eat these, they look and smell just like the edible, sweet version!) I am sure that there will be something to tempt everyone. These will obviously have to be tested and trialled before they are formally released, so if you fancy getting involved with the pamper hamper trial, don't hesitate to drop me a message.

I've also just bought a hot stone massage kit so when I figure out how to use the warmer, I'm hoping to add this to the list of therapies on offer in the near future. There are a few projects happening in the background, so keep an eye out as these develop. I know one of them went "live" this week; Superfast Business Wales have written up an interview I did with them on how the business survived COVID-19 (brave or stupid opening a close-contact service during a pandemic, anyone?) but don't worry, I won't be charging for autographs just yet!

And next Saturday, if you're around, come find us at Pontypool Indoor Market. Stall 32 where we'll be showcasing our all scented range. Somethings are difficult to imagine without actually being there in person and scent is one of them. I'll be taking along some of the trial samples... Geranium & orange massage bars anyone?

Oh dear, the midget gems seem to have evaporated all by themselves...

Stay safe as always

Jan x

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