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Stocking Up

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

If you're wondering why I have a pic of a rather delightful fella as my blog page photo, do read on. No, I'm not stocking up on men!

Stock control is a tricky thing when you're in the middle of moving stuff around & everything is in boxes. I've been happily uploading all the men's bracelet sets to the website this week ready for the Valentine's Day rush. So far so good. Had a few orders in already, thank you! Someone then asked me about how big the adjustable strap was on a particular bracelet. Okay, son, I thought, time to get your wrist out. Now I don't know if you've seen my son, but he's 6ft 6" and almost as wide as he is tall. (This is a lockdown photo & he'll probably kill me!) so it's a good bet that if our bracelets fit his wrist, they'll fit mostly anyone's.

So I dug out the one the customer was looking for. This meant getting them all out of course, because they're currently in a bag, in a box. It was at this point I thought, oh, I'd better check how many I have left. So I duly paired up all the sets and found that the brown & silver bracelet wasn't there. I'd sold out! Oops.

Guess who's had to log on this morning & remove it from the website product list? We're only down to one for the grey twist and wing charm bracelets too, so I thought, oh I'd better flag that at the same time!

I think these are my favourites though. I really love the bead detail on them. The herringbone and barrelling make them just that little bit different. But you'll have to decide for yourself if you agree with me. Let me know what your favourite is from the collection and why? It's always good to know!

Thankfully, I've had no such issues with the ladies diffuser bracelets. I ordered in a chain bracelet to look at and it was sold before I'd even had chance to take a photo of it and put it on the website. But don't worry, I'll be ordering more in as I really love the diffuser bracelets. They're easy to wear, good quality and they look lovely on.

They also come with a selection of diffuser scent pads so you can not only change up your smell, but also match them to your outfit. This one is the infinity love bracelet. As there's a matching necklace, I've put together an offer on the Facebook page for both plus a "Romance" diffuser blend as I thought they'd be lovely for Valentine's Day. I am extremely low on stock of the dragonfly bracelet now and I am also fast running out of car diffuser kits too. They're incredibly popular and rightly so. I've even got my mum to buy me one of my very own for my birthday, I love them so much!

We are extending the diffuser range too so there are now lots more scents to choose from. And the advantage of having an Aromatherapist design them is that a. you can request an individual general scent and it can be designed for you for no extra charge and b. you can have a scent to help with your wellbeing at the same time. My clients have this week ordered three "calming care" blends to go with theirs. What would you order if you could? I'm having the new fruit diffuser oils I sent for this week. Vanilla and Coconut. So keep looking on the website and facebook page, as there'll be more scents coming soon. Coconut & Lime anyone?

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