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Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Did you know that I've been sent some samples to try? So, over the past few weeks, I've been using them to see if they do what they say on the tin. Two completely different companies with two completely products. Both using essential oils. One pre-prepared, one a set of neat oils for you to blend as you wish.

Now, my normal shelves are pretty full. Since this picture was taken, I've added a lot more stock, so much so, I've now run out of space on my racks and I need another cupboard now to store it all in!

The first to arrive was a few 10ml bottles of neat Tea Tree, Rosewood & Tangerine essential oils. Which is brilliant because I didn't have any Tangerine on my rack! So thank you! Extremely helpful that!

Tea-tree is pretty much a universal oil that most people will have heard of or used in one form or another. Tea-tree comes from Australia and has many uses, including fighting off bacteria, which makes it great for putting on any cuts and infected fingers/toes etc. It will sit quite happily on your shelf, once opened for about 2 years, even though it states 6 months on the box!

Tangerine is a little gentler than its sister Orange. It uplifts your mood and is a great calming oil, used to support creativity and motivation. Rosewood is perhaps less well-known. Uses include support for anything from depression to skin care. So, it's a really good, all-round oil to have in your cupboard.

What I love about these products: The packaging is really sympathetic. Recyclable cardboard boxes with a leaf design - you'll know by now if you read my blogs regularly that essential oils are plant-based - so entirely appropriate. They have the latin name on the box with the purity of the oil, so it's obvious these oils are meant to be used in a clinical setting. Inova is also a well-known health care company, so the inference for supporting well-being is also there in the name. The caps are safety-locked and having used them, I can confirm that they do exactly what they are intended for. There's plenty of information on the box and a couple of helpful suggestions of how to use them - although I would say take care if you put them in the bath without adding a bit of milk with them, as they will make your bath a bit slippy (it is oil afterall). They are also made by a British company, although most oils apart from Chamomile - from the daisy plant - are sourced abroad; however, this is also stated on the box, so if you want to buy British, this may well be a good pick for you.

Price wise, I had to look this up, because I wasn't sent a price list. As a base retail price, Rosewood oil can be bought from around £3.25, Tea-Tree oil from around £2.65 and Tangerine essential oil from around £2.50 for a 10ml bottle. Prices obviously depend on where you shop and these oils were coming in as rather more expensive than the bottom price range, at around £7-8 for a 10ml bottle but to be fair, the company may not be producing them in bulk like some of the bigger wholesalers and you'd therefore expect their prices to be higher. I have no idea (because I couldn't find it), what a wholesale price for the same product would be.

The second set of oils (above) came from Germany, Berlin to be exact. Aero (air) Soul (mood) is a really good name for them as they are blended oils designed to be defused which may "help relieve stress, bring you well-being and increase your mental productivity". I absolutely love the packaging - really smart and there is a very helpful leaflet included which states what the individual bottles do. The bottles are also colour-coded, although the writing is a little small for people who may struggle to read smallish print.

The oils are split into three sections, happy, balance and motivation & you get two bottles for each category. Beautifully translated English, which is exactly what I'd expect. You have Deep Meditation and Serenity (Seratonin balance), Rise & Shine and Focus (Dopamine motivator) and Spring Blossom and Love (Endorphin happy).

Wrapped individually in plastic and these oils also have a safety cap. I understand though why they are wrapped in plastic, as they need to travel if posted and the last thing you would want is for them to leak everywhere. They also didn't get packed in the same order in the box as they are on the leaflet, so you may need to read the front of the bottles to make sure you are choosing the correct ones (but the colour-coding helps here too). The only thing I would say from a professional point of view, is that the instructions mentions a pipette but it doesn't mention what size pipette to use - 5ml? 10ml? Also, I don't think the average household would necessarily have a pipette handy at home and there either needs to be one included in the box somewhere, or it's better to use number of drops per 100ml, as the bottles come with a dropper attached anyway.

Interestingly, my least favourite was the "Love" bottle, as I expected this to be a rather a bit more floral than it actually was and it really took my by surprise, even knowing what oils were included. On the other hand, I think my favourite two of the collection are the Spring Blossom & Focus. Florals and Citrus are always an excellent combination of oils to use and these oils are blended with their properties in mind to support exactly what they say on their leaflet.

Again, price-wise I wasn't give any so had to go hunting for a price. The set costs around £33 to buy. This works out at around £5.50 per bottle, plus postage and any import taxes thanks to Brexit, which is quite reasonable given the fact that you get at least four blended oils in each bottle. You also, obviously, need to allow for delivery as I am not sure if these are available in the UK to buy as a set yet.

What I can say is that they'd make a really beautiful gift, something I would definitely be drawn to if I saw this on a shelf in a shop! As everyone reacts differently to smells (and has different memories of them), there is definitely something in this box for everyone. Just remember to always use any diffuser oils, properly diluted, in a well-ventilated room if you have pets!

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