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What is the second chakra?

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Today I've been reminding myself about Chakras. If you're unsure what they are, chakras are the energy centres of the body. In Sanskrit, chakra mean"wheel"... and so it is helpful to think of each of the seven chakras as a spinning vortex, moving energy around the body (pic below).

It's fascinating stuff! Ancient Hindu cultures recognised the chakras as the means by which the body draws its energy. These chakras are constantly interacting and are interlinked. Think of them as being an intense concentration of energy within our entire roadmap - a bit like using the petrol station at each of the motorway services along the M1!

Most scientific studies confirm that we are more than just our physical body but those other aspects of ourselves that make us "who we are" remain a mystery. So there is still much to explore!

What we do know is that energy constantly moves and changes and therefore, it's thought that the energy around our body is very much a reflection of our state of well-being on all levels, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. And interestingly for me, as an Aromatherapist, when the body is out of alignment, I know that this can manifest itself as illness or problems on an emotional, physical, mental and behavioural level too.

Each chakra has a specific design, name, location and colour assigned to it. Each also has a Sanskrit name and each govern a specific part of the body and its associated qualities. It particularly amused me to see, in amongst all the "pleasure" things suggested for the second chakra, was "book yourself an aromatherapy massage".

The second chakra, or sacral chakra, as you can see, is assigned the colour orange. It's called the sacral chakra and it's Sanskrit name is Svadhisthana. Located in the lower abdomen, it's primarily concerned with change, with creating form from formlessness, if that makes sense. Creativity in other words: artistic, physical, academic and ultimately, life itself as this chakra is also the source of our sexuality.

Free flow in this chakra is supposed to give you vitality and a passionate approach to life! You've felt it, when you know it's going to be a good day and you bounce out of bed... that! If your Sacral chakra is balanced, it brings an immense amount of pleasure into your life. It allows us to see the beauty in people and things around us, and to take delight in our own creative abilities and passions. This chakra is represented by a lotus with 6 petals and is often referred to as the "belly" or "spleen" chakra.

When you move past the basic need for survival (base chakra - red), at that point you have time to think about your desires. From the perspective of personal growth, this chakra is very much an instinctive energy. Too much of this chakra can send you down the path of addiction... so as with all things, and I keep banging on about it, balance is extremely important.

Living in a world with a balanced sacral chakra means that we neither deny ourselves pleasure nor overindulge in pleasures that may be deterimental to our health & well-being.

I sing (a lot) and thankfully do it reasonably well as I've inherited my mother's talent [she had her voice trained by the Welsh National Opera conductor of her day]. I can draw reasonably well too, adore adult colouring books, and spent hours and hours creating original lessons for my pupils, and loved it. The groans and mutterings of "oh God..." when I used to gleefully announce to my Year-10s that "Mrs. Baker has been busy with your lessons again.." often used to be the highlight of my week. (They loved them btw!) This is my sacral chakra working well. And hands up if you love to dance around your kitchen or living room if a favourite piece of music is on? Dancing (especially to strong, rhythmic music) is one of the very best things you can to do release your sacral chakra. And if you love meditating, the sound that corresponds to the second chakra is "oh" (as in the vowel sound in mow).

So, what if all of this still sounds a bit far fetched? Well, why not book that Aromatherapy massage and see if it doesn't release some of that wonderful well-being. I can't guarantee to make you sing like me, but we all need a little nourishment and from time to time.

Stay safe, as always

Jan xx

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