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You thought this was going to be a boring post about how much I've had to look up this week when you read that title, be honest, didn't you? Well, it's not. Well, not all of it anyway.

Last weekend, I went to the Mind Body Spirit Fayre at the Castle Hotel in Neath. First time ever and I have to say, despite my reservations, it was quite good.

The comparison to the one the previous weekend was, however, quite marked. Chepstow was super-organised and I knew exactly what I was doing at all times. This is great when you've never been before. No hassle, no worrying & if you read my blog last week, you'll know it was a super day out.

Neath, on the other hand, was the polar opposite. No information at all! Now I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, just that you then have to rely on your own research to find things out. Like what time you can get there to set up, parking arrangements etc. On enquiring, I was told to arrive at 10 to set up for 11; that's cutting it very fine with the amount of products we needed to set up I thought, but ok.

When we got there, we found out that some of the sellers had been there since half 8 and so we could have left earlier and given ourselves more time. As it was, 10 mins before the show started, we were frantically pushing boxes under the table to clear the area.

Parking was another nightmare. Now I don't know how well you know Neath as a town centre, but there are limited parking spaces outside the hotel and their main car park is a few hundred yards further down the road. I didn't research this properly as we only decided to do the fayre at the last minute. Because we were so late arriving, we ended up having to park in the main car park and carry all the stock up the road and into the hotel. (Well, when I say we...) Having said that, it's a beautiful hotel right in the middle of town and therefore has plenty of passing footfall. The weather was also glorious, which helped, and I did get quite busy chatting to people during the show. I also managed to get a Facebook live done and grab the organiser to give an "on-the-spot" promo. It's still on my aromaoilsuk Facebook page if you want to go have a look.

More stock checking when we got home and then straight onto our 1-year happy business birthday. Yes, AromaOils is 1-year old. We survived three lockdowns, so much uncertainty and stress, and we couldn't have done it without you.

Celebrations are still difficult here, because we are still in lockdown of sorts in Wales. so instead, I decided to offer two free cinema tickets to the Maxime Cinema, in Blackwood. Entry is as simple as signing up to our new newsletter, and, as a bonus, if you give me the day and date of your birthday, I'll enter you into a free monthly prize draw to win a free birthday treat on us! I'm sure we'll have a client party or an event at some point, so watch this space carefully!

Having done that...Ah, I thought, damn. A new newsletter. What on earth do I put in the newsletter and what am I going to call it, so that it doesn't look like I'm spamming people or offering rubbish content? And so, that's what I'm currently doing. Researching what a good newsletter looks like and what to call it. I'm leaning towards the "AromaOils Monthly" at the moment. If you do have any ideas as to what you'd like to see in it,or you have a better name for it, please do drop me a line. I'll probably end up putting out an APB anyway, as I definitely want it to be something of value to my readers. Afterall, if I'm going to spend time on it, I'd really like you to read it!

With that I'll leave you. I have to go and schedule more ReJuvenate with Jan posts... we're talking Long Covid at the moment... and my dad has just popped in for a coffee...

Stay safe, as always

Jan x

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