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The weather has been biblical quite often this week. Especially on times yesterday. Not a great day for getting out and about in Wales. Why is there so little to do undercover here? I've always wondered this. So, I was very grateful to be in the dry yesterday and with a fantastic view too!

Of course, it's called "The View" for a reason. In this photo below, you can just about make out the racecourse in the background. We were based right by the winner's podium. First time I'd ever been to Chepstow Races, and for something so iconic, it's surprisingly badly signposted off the M48!

We typically got up really early - 6am start on a Saturday. There's always so much to do on the morning of a show. The car packed so tightly I had a piece of wood rattling around across my shoulder the whole journey, we had so much stock with us, as we didn't know who else would be there, and therefore which stock we would be putting out.

I'd been looking forward to the Awaken Mind, Body, Spirit show all week. It's really my kind of event. And happily, it was really well-organised so there was no stress when we got there about where we were or where to park etc. We even got some assistance loading and unloading - so helpful, thank you! Some of the areas had been set up the night before, and that was lovely to walk into too. I don't know whether we were supposed to notice, or whether it was actually deliberate, but I really liked the hexagonal feel of the table layout. Reminded me very strongly of a feng shui bagua.

As the fire escape was the main entrance for the day, we need to use this as the entrance for yesterday if plotting where things were located. And, interestingly enough, the entrance was in spiritual growth, looking at the bagua as it stands here. Quite apt wouldn't you say?

It's always a bit of a lottery at the moment as to how many people will show up. The organisers had been really thoughtful about keeping everyone safe, for which we were extremely grateful. Wales still isn't quite out of lockdown yet, though, and it is one of the earliest shows to begin up again, so it was really pleasing to see people braving the rain to come visit us.

I had several visiting aromatherapists drop by for a chat, which was lovely. We ummed and ahhhed over Doterra, discussed clinic and the blends I'd taken with me (below), and it was lovely to start connecting again with people face-to-face.

As a stall, we were sandwiched between a reflexologist and a couple who did healing - perfect positioning as I was totally fascinated just watching the workspace being cleansed - there was such a positive energy around all day; it's a great thing to bring home with you. A couple of the stall holders had the most beautiful crystals too. Now, I don't know about you, but I end up spending a small fortune on things when I go to shows if I'm not careful, and, true to form, I found the most beautiful heart-shaped rose quarz crystal for clinic.

Mine isn't as smooth as this one in terms of design. It has a thousand tiny round paving stones, but that makes it also really interesting to look at. I also don't know how much you know about crystals, but rose is connected to the heart chakra and emotions, and it's excellent for using regularly to reduce stress, so it fits exceptionally well into a clinic designed exactly for just that.

The funniest thing for us all day is always people's reaction to patchouli. It's the marmite of essential oils. You either love it or hate it. Because we had the wax melts displayed, it was easy to engage with people about this scent. They sniffed and either went into raptures (it is the oil of physicality and considered an aphrodisiac) or pulled the funniest faces. Smell is the one thing you can't replicate in a picture, and the essential oil bath salts are always a bit of a show-stopper when people actually get to smell them. The dark patchouli melt, if you're wondering by the way, is the grey mushroom, third from the left on the top row. It's actually a member of the mint family (but not many people would guess this from the smell!)

Still, someone did buy the patchouli gift set, so there's always something for everyone; you can never predict just what will be popular on the day.

So, that just leaves me to the unpacking and stock checking today. I opened clinic for an emergency appointment this morning, and therefore had to get up. So, I've also practised a bit of self-care today by taking a short nana-nap when I got back.

I really need to update the on-line shop now, as we have new incense and backflow burners to add.

I'm therefore going to disappear for now and remind you all, as always, to stay safe.

Love Jan x

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