• Jan Baker

Postage Palavers

LOL.. With all the issues I've had this week around postage, I wanted to call this blog "Shipping Shit" but then realised it you might think I was saying that our products were rubbish... Cue a couple of face palms!

We've been through the ringer this week with shipping. I literally woke up at 2am in a damp sweat because I realised when we changed over the pricing for the wax melts - the other half decided that it looked like we were charging £5 per melt as it was, although I had more faith that you could read! - we hadn't changed the shipping weight to match. That then got me to thinking that if the shipping weight was wrong, it would be wrong for all multiple orders too. Cue more insomnia!

The problem is we have an American platform for our website and it doesn't take into account our very British postal system that states you have to look at the size of what you're sending as well as the weight. Shipping by weight is all very well but if it's one of our burners, this won't fit through the large letter slot. This means you can either set the shipping rule on the website to be correct for single items (which throws out the multiples) or you can overcharge for some items & get the multiples correct. I have a thing about overcharging for postage, so I ended up calling California at 2.30am to see if there was a way around it.

An hour later they decided that there was no way around it. We'd have to set a blanket shipping amount & either refund the difference on postage or issue a voucher for the next order. Whichever way, it was going to be a pain in the arse and we'd have to do something with it. I duly amended the About our Products page to reflect this and then realised that, as I'd had enquiries from Ireland and Spain about deliveries, I'd also have to set up international shipping... Trotters International Trading here we come.... Again, it meant a blanket shipping rule. I also pinned a post on our FB page about it & put a note on the home page so that it's hopefully really clear - please let me know if not! In the end, we issued our first postage refund this morning so as a process it will work.

Good I thought, not solved but a workable way around the problem. That'll do for now. Ha! In the process of looking at our shipping rules, someone somewhere had altered something and we could no longer add any weight under 1kg for new products. So back on the phone to California I go! Bless them, they looked, ummed and ahhed but in the end they had to refer it to the big boys in technical who designed the platform. And fair play, within a day they had solved it. What a palaver!

So we do thank you for your patience with this issue. I am sure that as the website develops, they'll find a solution later down the line...

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