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Little ones...

It's been snowing again. A film of white covers the pavement and cars. It's very cold so I am thankful to be sat in bed recovering, knowing that I don't have to go out this weekend. The grandson is loving it, of course. He can't wait go go play. Today, I am happy to just watch from the bedroom window. We've been lucky with him these past couple of weeks. Teething (back teeth are awful) but the Eucalpytus Radiata I have given mum to put on his pillow overnight has warded off a bad cough and chest. You have to be very careful if using essential oils with little ones - there are many that are too strong; Eucalptus globulus for example should never be used on a baby - so always seek professional advice before using them yourself at home.

Our toddler has also this week started a course of "sleep" oils, as he's still only averaging a couple of hours a night. His poor mum is constantly shattered! A specially diluted combination of oils is perfect for this & over the course of the week, we should all start to see an improvement as the oils do their work and his sleep becomes more stable again. Mum did start to use them, saw an improvement but then left them off - a classic mistake many people make!

I do feel sorry for nursery though because if he's slept, they get the full nine yards - a busy, intelligent noisy baby on top form & they deffo earn their money then! I am currently listening to him shouting at full pelt - Zorro!! (Our cat) ... as I type this. Volume control definitely doesn't exist anymore in our house (it is wonderful to have a house so full of life mind)... it's also no wonder my daughter has reached this week for her migraine blend. Thankfully, it wards off the worst of it and she is no longer crippled by them. And if there was ever a sceptic about using essential oils and their effectiveness, then it was my daughter. She only let me prepare a nappy rash oil for the baby "to keep mum quiet". So I did (after some nagging) and low and behold, the nappy rash disappeared overnight. One very smug grandmother. One very surprised daughter. One very happy baby! I believe the words she used were, "Well I'll be damned. I genuinely didn't think that would work. I only did it to humour her!" & now she won't use anything else on it! That's the beauty of essential oils, used properly they can help with a whole host of childhood ailments. They're plant-based and natural so there's no danger of side effects unlike the drugs we are often prescribed. So if you're struggling with nappy rash, chicken pox, measles, hand foot & mouth, asthma etc. do take a look at how essential oils can help with these if you'd rather try a gentler method of treatment and recovery on your little one. Our nappy rash oil is proving to be quite popular as you can imagine, and with good reason!

So, having decided that there is "something in them after all", my daughter promptly referred a friend to me in the hope that I could help with her daughter's eczema. This was a little trickier. It does sometimes take one or two different blends to get the treatment just right as everyone tolerates the oils differently, but tackling the allergic sensitivity leading to it is sometimes a better way forward, as this calms down the root cause of any flare-ups. I've treated a number of people for eczema lately, as I've seen how much pain and discomfort this can cause. One little man, bless him, had hands that were almost raw. I sent over a cream and an oil and with some care, his hands have started to improve. Anti-bac hand wash kept in nursery can also sometimes cause flare-ups so it's really important to identify and eliminate things that can make it worse as well, as you go along. Essential oils are never an outright cure but they do calm the body's natural immune reaction, particularly when it's overstressed and stimulated, and this is why you need to keep using them. Without this help, the body will just go back to it's natural default of overreacting to stimuli it doesn't like. I'm happy to report that our little man pictured here, is now coping much better and doesn't appear anything like as bothered with his hands as he did. Makes me feel very much like I'm doing something worthwhile when we get results like this!

And when the sister of the child who has the allergic sensitivity then developed nasty verrucas, I was the obvious person mum turned too again. Now treating verrucas can be a difficult thing. They are virus-based and you need to create a small "trauma" to the area so the white blood cells kill the virus from the inside out. Using anti-viral oils & duct tape is the most effective way to treat them. The anti-viral oils work on the virus through the skin, whilst the glue from the duct tape sticks to the layers, pulls this off & encourages the white blood cells to "investigate" from within - creating that very gentle "trauma" effect for the baby's foot. Boosting the immune system is also a good idea as this helps support white blood cell regeneration. The main thing though is to keep on treating verrucas once you start. If you stop, it gives the virus time to regroup. And as you can see from the photo below, with some hard work on mum's part following my advice, they disappeared after a week or so! Hooray!

I've made blends for adults and children alike. From sleep, migraine, eczema, chest infections, to neuralgia, fibromyalgia and acne. Essential oils provide a gentler alternative to helping the body heal. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to advertise these on our shop on Facebook so if you want any information on any of the things I've discussed here today, it's probably best to message me directly. Oils, like people, are individual in their properties and it's important we use them correctly and as safely as possible. Those tiny bottle are very powerful and this is why I always have to ask a few health questions first, why you sometimes need a GP referral and why, if you're pregnant or suspect you may be, you always need to let your practitioner of Aromatherapy know. The service is completely confidential, always - for example, I've asked for and received written permission to use these photos today.

And next time, I'll tell you why I'm recovering too!

Stay safe!

Jan x

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