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It's all Mars fault!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

It's been a busy couple of days I blame Mars. I've been told it's now entered my star sign and this is why if feels like I've moved from first to third gear, whilst missing out second! We were given the go ahead, all being well, to finally open clinic on 12th April and, on the same weekend, our popsicle was 2! How do they grow up so soon? For the birthday, we were quickly rounded up by Woody. Table decorated - check. Sunday lunch organised - check. I was put on on present wrapping duty. Cake bought - check. People notified - check. That's the beauty of having everyone home and also caring for the fossils in our normal day-to-day bubble; nobody here has to miss out on birthdays, high days or holidays. Apart from not going anywhere except work, family life has continued pretty much as normal.

The whirlwind, as expected, dived straight into the balloons when he got up. So excited. He doesn't quite realise the significance of birthdays yet but how did he get clever enough to open presents on his own all of a sudden?

Oh and if you're wondering about the "fossils", well, there are three grades of age in our family. My husband and I are now classed as vintage. Some of our younger aunt & uncles have advanced to dinosaurs and the great-grandparents are fossils. I totally get around this mind by not admitting to being married or having children - that way I can still get away with saying I'm 26!

Life in the shoe just gets busier. To celebrate opening, as we missed having a big opening launch in October because of local lockdown, I decided to hold a couple of open days... A Come Visit Us event. Back to technology... sigh... I now need to spend some time this week back in clinic getting it all ready again. Hand sanitizer - check. COVID-19 stickers - check. Anti-viral cleaning equipment - check. Oils to be taken over... check. Unform & PPE... check. Air purifying plants to go back over... oh okay, yikes, I nearly forgot about those.. Ah still no plant pot holders for them... hmmm... opens laptop, goes shopping... right, ordered.. check. There's a shelf still to put up for one of my lamps. It's is currently perched precariously on the glass unit edge - the lead isn't quite long enough (nor safe enough) for it to sit on the reception table. Oh and I suppose I'd better restock the glass unit too. Ah... garage... not going there... you take your life in your hands in our garage. Seriously, I do not understand how my other half can spend so much time in there chucking stuff out, and you still can't ever get further than the freezer!

Keep your eyes peeled too because we're also going to be running a super competition with a WOW prize as soon as I can get in said garage to get at my stuff and take a picture of it. This is also now nearly finished planning-wise but has been another thing to do. My list gets longer and longer... just like my bills, they never seem to go down either! Although this isn't officially live yet, I've given you a sneak preview on the competition page on the website if you want to go look! It's my first foray into running a proper Facebook Ad, so a steep learning curve and more flippin' technology. Stop laughing!

And in the background, amid all this, my daughter announced that they'd signed for some keys and would be packing & getting ready to move out. So now the whole house is also in moving mode (If I wasn't seriously grey before, I'm deffo getting there now!) I'd totally forgotten how much time it takes to organise a house move and how much babysitting is involved. If we had boxes about before, they are now in triplicate. Things are "moving" (sorry!) as they had the keys just before the Bank Holiday and are slowly emptying our house of the things they want and need. Another reason, btw, that I've been avoiding the garage...

So Mars, you have a lot to answer for. I still haven't let anyone know about our beautiful new stock, so I'd better get off the computer sharpish and get cracking. Oh, I did manage to make my dad a cake after too, put go-go juice in the car, change the battery in the clock in the kitchen and wash and dry my entire laundry basket's worth of clothes and on a Bank Holiday too.

The list may yet get chucked out of the window Monday but for now... have you seen our new votive candle holders?

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