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Flyer fun

I'm a bit late writing this post ... oops... about a week and a bit late. Things are just never quiet chez Baker.

The last couple of weeks I've been wrestling with a new flyer for our July offer. Now, designing a flyer is a tricky thing. You need to get the balance right of picture to writing, but still include all the things that make you unique & different from every other company. This, for me at any rate, is the easiest bit because I am the only level 4, practising Clinical Aromatherapist in the area. The rest took some time to work out as you'll see.

Having designed one flyer, I got a bit of feedback on it and then decided to change it completely. This is why it's taken me so long. There were a load of things I'd left out and loads of things I took out, but with a little external help, we now have the finished article.

Of course, none of the above is any good unless you have your contact and company details on there, otherwise people won't know how to book or find you. School boy error 101 is to leave off your booking details!

And then there's the colour scheme. What do you choose? In this instance, I went for corporate colours for the sake of consistency - ours are black, white & gold, so the flyer is a combination of those colours too. I got told off as well because there are too many fonts on my website. Apparently, you should only have two and stick to them. So I now have another job to add to my never ending to-do list!

People, I'm told also like people, so although the photo of me with Charlie is about a year out of date, it's one I love & one that I hope gives the business a human face and counter balances the clinical aspect of my work nicely.

In the end, we paired back the back of the flyer totally and just added a few reviews. I think it's important to show people that it's not just you saying that you are good at this or that. Other people's opinions matter. They hopefully also add credibility and make you more of a "safe" bet when it comes to treating you. So far, so good... The flyer was coming together and then came the wording.. oh my!

The wording was an absolute nightmare and has definitely taken the longest to sort. You can't advertise anything "medical" - even complementary medicine - so you have to confine yourself to words like, "support, relief, helping, symptoms.." If I tried to post that leaflet as a Facebook Ad, Facebook would have an absolute hissy fit. Thankfully, though, this isn't Facebook and flyers aren't governed by their rules!

I think I'm also right to point out that I can take GP referrals. One of the main reasons for re-designing the flyer was because my mother's delivery man went home to his wife, having been told by my mum to come & see me for his bad back, only to be told by said wife, "You aint going to no massage parlour!" Now for those of you too young to realise what these are, ask your dad! My own father is still chuckling!!


I really can't emphasise enough though the value Aromatherapy can have on a person's wellbeing, whether you are local to my clinic or not. So, I do hope that I've gotten it right. It's taken time and money (the leaflets are at the printers as I type this) but my hope is that people will begin to use clinic as a service alongside their GP, once they realise how it can help them and once they understand what it is I actually do.

I'm still killing myself laughing over the massage parlour quip by the way, particularly given my current location! If you don't know, you deffo aren't local lol. So, please, someone do her husband a favour & bung her a flyer - his back is still sore & he still hasn't had it treated!


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