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What is the sixth Chakra?

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Every had that Déjà Vu feeling? That you've done something before or that something is really familiar but you don't quite know why?

This is your sixth Chakra. The Third Eye. Where the conscious meets the unconscious. Where our imagination and inner "sight" live. It's characterised by the union of opposites, visualizing, fantasizing, concentration, determination, self-initiation, the power of projection and understanding your purpose.

The development of this chakra involves becoming more aware of our intuition and extra-sensory perception. This is the energy of clairvoyance, and of other abilities, such as pre-cognition (the ability to know of an event before it happens) and psychometry (the ability to "sense" information about an event or a person by touching or holding a related object).

Located in the centre of the body, just above the eyebrow, the "brow" or Third Eye chakra is represented by a lotus of 2 petals. It's corresponding colour as you can see is indigo. The Sanskrit name of this chakra is Ajna.

My first memory of the idea of clairvoyance was my mum in the car. She'd often shout, "I've changed my name to Claire again.. Claire... bloody.. voyant!", whenever other people didn't use their indicators when she was driving! (She can talk though, we nicknamed her third gear as we got older!) My mum and I have also always been really connected. When we were both younger, I'd know immediately if it was her on the phone before I ever picked it up (yes, we used to actually use these phones in the days before the internet and smart technology!)

Then as I went into my teenage years, I'd get a "feeling". Couldn't explain it and still can't. Every now and again, a kind of premonition something was going to happen. Very vague & definitely no details but I distinctly remember feeling it a few days before one particular Valentine's Day.

Just had a feeling that something was about to happen, but couldn't for the life of you have told you what! I convinced myself that I'd made that up as I got older, as I remember absolutely no details of the event at all, but when I googled it, incredibly something had actually happened: The Stardust fire was a fatal fire which took place at the Stardust nightclub in Artane, Dublin, Ireland in the early hours of 14 February (Valentine's Day) 1981. My "Third Eye" in action!

These days I am too busy to be quite so tuned in! An excess of energy in this chakra can mean that someone will be too influenced by the psychic realm and may become "ungrounded", disorganised or disorientated. They appear "spacey". Do you know someone who is always "off with the fairies?" well....

Similarly, how about someone who you consider to be narrow-minded & fixed in their thinking? This could signify a depletion of sixth chakra energy. These people may often be uncomfortable with anything that challenges them to think or feel something beyond their usual "tunnel vision".

In any event, a balanced sixth chakra means that we can use this intiutive additional information and combine it with our innate wisdom in order to make decisions that are not based on fear or ego.

Humans are capable of using our minds and the power of visualisation to have a positive impact on our surroundings and to improve the quality of our lives and the lives of those around us.

Nowhere is this more obvious than when we use our imagination. At what point did you realise that you had "intuition"? Women's intuition is well-known and for good reason. It just means having a far greater wisdom that you ever realised.

As we continue to develop and grow as a person, we are increasingly able to make judgements and decisions based on what we "know" to be true, without needing to have a rational or logical explanation for this "knowledge".

However, it's not that easy is it? Listening to your intiution (or hunches) can be really difficult at first because education (at least in the Western world) is based almost entirely on facts and logic. And I love and work well with both!

There is little room in this system for developing our "sixth sense". Facts are either right or wrong, and an argument or line of thought is either considered logical or illogical.

Intuition, on the other hand, is neither right nor wrong, neither logical nor illogical - it just simply "is".

When we balance this chakra, it therefore allows us to connect fully to our intiution and confidently make decisions based on the information we gain from this. Get the feeling something isn't quite right or someone isn't telling you quite the whole truth? Your intuition is kicking in.

So how can you nourish your sixth chakra? Well if you're not into rock climbing or gymnastics, try yoga or tai chi. I've not tried it yet but walking meditation looks great.

This is more than just strolling about. The idea is that you train the mind into being as mindful as possible: this practice is all about being aware of our body and physical sensations as we move. Our eyes are open and our mind and body are rooted in the present. It's about sensing how stable the ground feels beneath your feet and being aware of the many different sensations within your body. Rather than focusing on your breathing as you would do with static meditation, its about focusing instead on the movement of your feet and legs, and the motion of your body as it advances. Thinking about the imprints your feet are leaving on the soil or path beneath you.

What I do know is that it takes practice to pay attention to this voice. Do you ever think about something and then disregard it, only to say afterwards "I knew I should have or shouldn't have done that?" And the point at which you reach true wisdom, is when you are able to separate your intiution from other inner voices such as fear, insecurity or ego.

So, my challenge to you this week is this:

If you are religious, spend some time attending the spiritual services of your faith.

If not and it appeals to you, attend the services of or research another religion and listen to their messages of faith with an open mind and heart.

From the suggestions above, you may have guessed that the sixth chakra is also related to your spirituality. How are you going to nourish yours this week?

Stay safe,

Jan xx

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