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Can crystals and tumble stones be used with chakras?

Crystals remind us of the structures upon which our universe is built. Our planet is a constant cycle of erosion, deposits and change. Without the constant movement of the earth's crust, many crystals would not be formed out of the sedimentary rock that lies beneath the sea.

As chakras are energy centres that sit within and without us, so too are crystals formed from the energy of the earth.

All minerals will form crystals given the right conditions and all crystals share the same atomic lattice structure. It's no surprise then that just as chakras are forms of energy, crystals have long been regarded as gifts from the spirit world.

Gemstones were traditionally used to relieve the symptoms of illness. Today, using crystals with chakras provides a focus on removing the underlying energy imbalances that can eventually lead to physical problems.

Once the chakra system was simplified in the west and a single rainbow colour was attributed to each of the seven chakras, the colours of the chakras could be combined with the colour of crystals for a simple healing system.

People believe that using the same colour crystal as the chakra will enhance the natural qualities of that chakra, whatever the situation. This is helpful if your energy is depleted in this chakra.

By placing crystals or tumble stones at the point of the chakra, it is possible to effect a simple chakra healing.

As red is your base chakra colour, using a red stone or crystal like jasper or ruby will balance your physical energy, provide motivation and help with practical matters. Red stones on this chakra promote a sense of grounding and reality when placed near the base of the spine.

The second or sacral chakra is in the lower abdomen. below the navel. Use an orange stone like carnelian if you wish to balance your creativity. Orange stones and crystals help release stress and blocks in your life that stop your emjoyment of it.

These remind me of Worther's Original toffee sweets!

If you wish to balance your third or solar plexus chakra, choose yellow or gold for this, like tiger's eye. Put the stone close to your ribcage. This is thought to help clear your thoughts, reduce anxiety and improve confidence.

On the centre of the chest lay a green stone or crystal, like moss agate. This will help balance your relationships with others and the world, increase your calm. It helps you heart chakra develop and crease and sense of direction in life.

If you've been following my blogs on chakras, you'll know that the sixth chakra lies at the throat. A light blue stone here, like turquoise, can help ease communication difficulties, help you express yourself better and bring a sense of peacefulness.

Place a dark blue or indigo stone or crystal, like sapphire, on the centre of your forehead. Your brow chakra helps you increase your understanding, helps you to access ideas, and promotes intuitive skills and memories.

Finally, a violet stone or crystal, like amethyst, placed a little way above the crown or top of the head is said to balance all aspects of self; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Above all, choose crystals and stones that "feel right" for you. Make sure your intention is to balance your chakras. Trust your intuition!

It's also important to cleanse your crystals before use. This could be as simple as just washing them in clear, cold water.

If you're still unsure, a good all round crystal to start with is clear quartz. This is because as a clear crystal, it amplifies and increases the harmony of all energies that it's brought into contact with. Be positive with your thoughts, bring stability and calmess to your mind with this crystal.

In any event, if I've sparked your interest with this short blog, have fun exploring all the different crystals and stones and what they mean for your wellbeing. It's quite fascinating.. honestly!

Until next time,

Stay safe, as always

Jan xx

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