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Busy doing nothin'

Procrastination! The bane of my life! I know I have a million jobs to do, so naturally, I do everything else except... sound familiar... anyone?

Well this week, I need to be disciplined with myself. It's my last week before clinic re-opens and I have a mountain of work to (hopefully) finish before my time gets taken up elsewhere. I haven't wasted my lockdown by any means, but the list never gets any smaller. I'm sat in bed at the moment, as I'm feeling a little delicate. No, I haven't been drinking... I'm just still learning what my digestive system will tolerate and what it doesn't like after my gallbladder op.

But I am pleased to say that apart from a very swollen and sore deltoid muscle (top of my arm), my COVID-19 first vaccination injection went well and no further symptoms appeared - I was convinced and told everyone loudly that a. my arm would fall off and b. I'd be in bed with flu for at least 2 weeks! It's been about a week now and I can confirm that my arm a. definitely hasn't fallen off & b. I didn't get the flu. Bit on a par with the yellow fever jab I had several years ago but definitely no worse.

Most of the moving has now been completed. Wifi is not on until the weekend though so I doubt the young uns will be properly moving in before then.. Mummy has confessed that she's not impressed that the popsicle loves icing as much as she does (birthday cake) but that she forgives him because she gets to watch all the Disney films... The test of being a grown-up in our house has always been: when you make cake, can you give someone else the bowl with the left over mix in it at the end of the cook....? Easter eggs have been bought and distributed. I confess, though that I'm not a huge chocolate fan. Shock! Horror! I'm still eating my selection box from Christmas, so I bought myself a blouse instead. Doing it the old fashioned way, according to my mum, as when she was little, Easter was the time to have a new set of clothes. Now if we had a celebration that was dependent on crisps.....

I've had a bit of a nightmare couple of days. Some how hackers got hold of my bank card details and took nearly £300 out in about 12 minutes. Quarter to 10 at night. The bank thinks they might have hacked into a website I've bought from as I haven't been anywhere for anyone to clone my card and I've deffo not spent anything for a few days! Thankfully, I have my banking notifications turned on, on my phone, so was alerted really quickly and the card was cancelled and any further issues stopped. It took my ages to get hold of my bank but they eventually sent me the fraud paperwork and this morning, the money was deposited back into my account. Apparently, if scammers are going to do this, they attempt it overnight as they think that you'll be asleep and won't notice until morning. Unfortunately for them, I've been up the last couple of nights working late. My advice to you is if you haven't set up your online banking, do so & turn on your notifications! I have also suggested that if they make every payment authorisation only, this would stop it dead in the water. A bit of a pain, potentially yes but would I do it to protect my bank account, deffo! I now have no access to my account until they send me a new card (in the old days you could still write a cheque!) which is a damn nuisance but hey ho...

Then I discovered that Facebook hadn't set up business suite on my AromaOils page and so the wonderful competition I want to run to celebrate re-opening can't be advertised. Bloody technology.. it hates me I tell you! I reported it and could do nothing but wait. Yesterday evening I had a "welcome to business suite" notification on my phone (the bloody thing never stops pinging honestly), so I'm going to investigate it once this blog is finished and see if I can now use it. Wish me luck!

But the wierdest thing I've had asked of me this week by far is a request for strong Patchouli oil for a leather jacket. Now Patchouli comes from the dead nettle (mint & sage) family. It keeps for well over 6 years and has lots of properties but I've never known it being used on leather before. I duly blended it for him but I did have to warn him to use it in a well-ventilated area, as I didn't want him falling asleep whilst driving his bike (Patchouli is a sedative amongst others!) On investigating, I've found several blends with "Patchouli and leather" as a combination and apparently it was a "thing" in the 80s with heavy metal fans at festivals (Remember I'm only 26 ahem..and wasn't there...)

He was delighted in any case, I've gained another customer and ordered more oil. After the week I've had, I'll take that as a win...

Stay safe!


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