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Bits and pieces ...

It's been a funny old week. The energy around this week has been squiffy to say the least. I'm not entirely sure if it got hold of our bottle of Prosecco that decided to explode open on Monday... Nobody had touched it - it still had the wire on it. It was a gift. All my daughter did was to say, "Shall we open it?" And poof... The cork hit the ceiling. With some force too. To say that it frightened the liver out of us is an understatement! I know some of you think I'm a bit witchy with my blending of oils, but I don't recall channelling that!

And by Wednesday, the week just exploded too! All of a sudden nobody had any time. Everything just went mental. I had meeting after meeting. Orders to complete. Family things to do - our grandson is 2 on Sunday, how did he get so old? - and I still haven't bought him a birthday card writing this!

But I have had a bit of a success. And I just have to tell you because it made my week! Those of you who've seen my previous blog on video editing will know that I could neither confirm nor deny whether there was a small (ahem, rather large) amount of swearing the last time I tried editing something. Google does not like vidoes more than a minute long. Well, this week I found out that it also doesn't like files that are too big either! I'd been playing around with a hook for my business customers for a very short presentation. A hook if you're wondering is what to say to get attention and their interest. And I'd recorded myself asking a few questions as a practice.

Anyway, I was confident enough to now load the video onto the software - ha, I laugh in the face of you, software! You'll notice that I eventually sussed this the last time, so confident me decided that I could shave a bit off it to make it under the minute limit for Google too as I'd done before. This time, I couldn't get away with lopping off either end though. I was going to have to splice it in the middle as it was still too long. Bugger! That's a whole new ball game & I still didn't have the instructions.

So I did exactly what I'd tried before. In for a penny, in for a pound type of thing. Stopped the video at the point I needed to cut something out, then forwarded it to the bit I wanted to keep. Selected keep either side & deleted off the middle bit.

So far so good. I'd gotten that far before but no further.

Now what? Well, I thought let's try something new. So I moved the second part of the video to "track 2" as I'd been wondering what these extra tracks were for. Joined the two halves of the video so they were in a perfect line, no gaps, crossed my fingers and played the video. And it worked! I looked at it like it was going to explode - at this point I still hadn't gotten over the Prosecco incident. Anyway, the last time I tried that, I couldn't get it to work for love nor money. So I saved it. Quick. Before it decided it wasn't cooperating any more!

Great, job done :) Immensely pleased with myself. Until I went to upload it ... error... file too big. Oh FFS.. what now?

Back to Doctor Google. Apparently, you need to change the bit rate to compress the file. The only bit rate I've ever come across is the number of times our old cat bit me & I don't think that's it! Who makes this shit up? So... More investigating. It turns out if you go to "profile" on the menu, you can change the size of the file. Compress it. Oh dear....Compressing it too much affects the quality. Not only was that wine squiffy, so was my face... errr...apparently you need to make sure you choose one that reduces it by no more than 20-30% (don't I sound the expert, err.. not). I still have no real idea what I'm doing... I'm honestly just making it up as I go! Every time I open it, I look at the software as though it's going to explode in front of me...

So I tried compressing the video just I'd saved again, and after more Google is now my friend :) And if you want to watch the video, this is the uncut version - the cut version is on Google and staying there! Remind me next time to put some war paint on before I start, though please...

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