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And here we go again....

Bloody typical! It happens every year... School starts, and the sun comes out here in Wales. Thankfully, this year I'm not in school but it's still a challenge getting out and enjoying the sun. Yesterday, I wrote this blog post, amended it, added pictures (that are definitely still in my gallery), went back to it. Autosave is on it told me and the blog was all bar written... this morning I go back to publish it and ..... gone! Just vanished... so I have to write it over... Definitely not a case this time of "of course I have time to drink tea, I did it right first time round"... well I did, but technology didn't, obviously!

So, what have we been up to this past fortnight that's made me so busy that I haven't blogged? Mostly out and about. AromaOils has done two fayres and I've been trying to update the business plan and get my office organised. Things are still fairly quiet out and about; we're not quite out of complete lockdown rules yet in Wales, people are still on holiday, it's been a bank holiday and lots of parents have been rushing to get ready for back to school. The Christmas countdown is also not yet quite upon us, but now autumn is approaching, it won't be long.

We are very grateful to everyone who came to the fundraiser. A mum is raising money for her young daughter's physio. We were asked to support and of course, didn't hesitate. The raffle prize (gift vouchers) we donated hasn't been claimed yet so I'm keeping a look out for it. That's on my "to do" list too, to redesign our gift vouchers - another thing to keep me from sitting in the garden with a cool drink enjoying the last minute sun!

Then, we went to The Otter in Newbridge. Now it's surprising how long it takes you to get ready to do a fayre. You have to get all your stock out, count it and check it, every time. Then make sure it's all priced and boxed properly. You need to find out how big your pitch is so that you know how much display stock to pack and then that has to be packed separately, as this makes it much easier on the day to unpack. Lunch is a must, as is a drink and don't forget a hat if you're outside (not all venues have umbrellas or covers). Sunscreen too if needed. You invariably end up spending a good few hours making things for the fayre the week before, which adds to your week. But don't be like me... who made beautiful massage bars for dry skin and chocolate orange lip pots, and then left them in the fridge! Well at 6am, I wasn't thinking back of the fridge to be honest...

Incidentals like cellotape, cloths, table cloth weights, display boards, pins, clipboards, pens etc. are also a must. Gift wrapping (if you have room), bubble wrap for sure for the burners, the stall business sign, brown bags, business cards and leaflets, this list goes on...

Things you need from clinic, like the cash box for the float ( which has to be counted out), card reader, phone and portable wifi. If you're taking melts to burn, the small burner, tealights & something to light the tealights with. All things electrical also need to be fully charged before you go (and add a spare fully-charged battery pack just in case too!)

At the end of the fayre, everything has to be packed up again. This is usually just thrown into the car and so, the sorting out begins again. Everything has to be returned to its original home. As we have stock to sort, I decided this week to finally move everything back into my office. Those of you who read my blogs regularly, will know that it was turned into a mini sitting room during lockdown. My office furniture has gone into Charlie's room as his bedroom furniture - it looks great too! - and so everything is a bit mix and match at the moment and stored all over the house. It's nearly done but you can't be inside working and outside at the same time. It's a truth, you can only do one thing at a time and you only have your time to spend once, so spend it wisely!

Me, I'm going back to my writing my business plan now my blog is done, again....I may take my coffee outside for a bit later if I can. Please, everyone, stay safe, and enjoy what's left of the sunshine!

Love Jan x

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