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A Jumble of Jobs

This week in the Baker household, I've had one of those weeks where I've had to bounce from one job to another. My to-do-list is always huge and includes projects that will take a number of months, down to noting something that takes literally 5 minutes. I'm pretty much getting throught it but with clinic now picking up, fitting it all in can be rather interesting.

I've finally got around to sorting out my dining room, temporary office. The walls may be bare of inspiriational quotes but there is lots of natural light and I can see a little splash of green from the plants growing up the garage, where I sit. Are you sitting comfortably? I now have a tray too... yes a three-tier tray, to put my work in so that I don't have to keep thumbing through paperwork. It's the little things...

I've also spent quite a lot of time re-designing this week. I'm super happy with my new gift vouchers and would love some feedback on what you think of them. Printed in £5, £10 & £20 certificates, I think there's something there for everyone. And I've even designed an envelope to go with them, as I think this looks so much prettier when given as a gift.

I really needed to re-design these because on the old ones, there wasn't anything to tell anyone what I did, how long they were valid for, or even what they could use the voucher for! Rookie error 101. I'm also going to align the "A gift for you" slightly more, so that it follows the lady's arm I think, as this will look better. Tweaking, always tweaking things, me; I'm amazed I ever get anything actually finished!!

About 10 months ago, a lady was selling off all her wax melt-making equipment, so I bought it all (mainly, at the time, so my daughter could go play with it). It turned out to be a great buy though, as I've found the equipment in there really handy and have used it a lot. This week, I sent for some mini pumpkin wax melt moulds, as I had nothing seasonal to go on my October stall in Chepstow next weekend. Of course, this meant delving into the coloured dye and scents left in the box too. Thankfully, I keep beeswax and coconut oil in stock so there wasn't an issue re raw materials, so I knew I could quickly knock up some trial samples.

I dug out some Snow Fairie scent (which happens to be my daughter's absolute favourite), found some orange dye, and mixed and matched until I had a shiny, wax melt liquid that was quickly poured into moulds. My poor fridge is getting a hammering at the moment, as my massage bars are also still sitting in there - it's a good job we bought an outsized-American thingy. Melts moulded and set, I then turned out one of the heart-shaped ones and noticed a "dent" in it. Oh, I thought. I must have gotten air in it. Nope, turns out that's the pattern - doh! Another, "do not eat" to be added to the instructions by the looks, as they look exactly like orange, mini caramels.

Now the mini me, on discovering that they were Snow Fairie-scented, immediately found three not quite perfect melts and decided she just had to take them home and do a test on them. (They didn't last long!)

And, yup, they look like wax melts, they smell like wax melts and, thankfully, they melt like wax melts too. All in all, a great first attempt that I'm really happy with.

My photography skills are not that brilliant though, so it's a good job I have a brother-in-law who's completed a photography degree. I'm hoping he's coming this week to take some really professional photos of all the stock we have, as you can't really demonstrate "smell" well in a photo. Our products are very much meant to be picked up and sniffed. And this is why we'll be doing a couple of markets between now and Christmas. Save the dates & we'll see you there:

Chepstow RaceCourse - 2nd October - Mind Body Spirit Show

Ystrad Christmas Fayre - 27th November - High Street

Newbridge Coffee Shop Fayre - 28th November - The Bank Coffee Shop & Post Office

Blackwood Christmas Fayre - 11 December - High Street

Until then, stay safe! I'm going now to make more gift packs to take with us... xx

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