Clinical Aromatherapy 

Consultation - FAQs

What is a consultation? A consultation consists of two personalised 1-2-1 sessions with me. This a completely confidential service and I will never share your information with anyone else.  I will ask you a series of questions about your medical background, discuss symptoms, where you are, what you are looking to get out of the treatment etc., so that I can learn about what support and treatment you need to solve your issue(s).  Then, I'll go away, do some research and thinking before putting together a treatment plan for you which will be ready for when we meet up for session 2 . A holistic approach is taken which considers and treats you as a whole person.   You wouldn't take your car into a garage and expect the mechanic to "fix" anything on it there and then, without checking what's wrong with it, would you?  Well, I won't do that either. 

Why do I need a consultation?

The consultations give me the time to explore your needs in detail and find the correct solution for you. It also provides you with an opportunity to talk with me in a safe, confidential and uninterrupted way.  It is extremely important because my priority is always your safety.  Because certain oils cannot be used with certain medical conditions, I need to understand which oils can be safely used during your treatment. This is why a consultation form has to be filled in for every Aromatherapy treatment, including a relaxing massage!  Think of me as a bridge... between where you are and where you want to be! 

Why is there a separate charge for this when the consultation fee is included in the Aromatherapy massage treatments? 

This consultation differs because it forms the basis for a series of clinical treatments. It includes specialist support from me for the safe and effective use of essential oils. You are paying for the my time, yes, but also my expertise in a clinical setting across several sessions rather than for a one-off relaxation treatment. 

Is the treatment plan included in the price? 

Yes.   It is always included in the price of the consultation. The treatment plan is based entirely on your personal circumstances and needs.

What about the oils?  Do I pay for these as well as the consultation?

You will be given an overall cost for any treatment following the second consultation so that you know exactly how much and how long the session are. This is discussed and included in the second consultation session.  There is no separate charge for supporting you at home once your treatment plan has begun. It's all included in the service.  

How long does treatment last?

That very much depends on what treatment you require, as this is totally individual to you.  As a bonus, our loyalty card is also valid for use with clinical treatments. 

What about follow up appointments?

A follow up appointment is always recommended once treatment has finished. It works in the same way as a GP appointment would - to check how effective the treatment has been and to check whether any follow-up is needed. There is a small charge for this. 

Do you do home consultations and treatment?

Treatments are normally undertaken in clinic, as there is disabled access, but is is possible to book a specialist home appointment from time to time.